Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 start with 3 project in italy

Seicom immediately begins the new year with three brand new installations in Italy: in just two weeks during Christmas Holidays we have installed  2.600 sqm of Sports Parquet as follows:

SUZZARA (Mantova) A. Marmiroli City Sport Hall
Installation of sports parquet floor for multipurpose sports facilities model SONDRIO 1 for a total surface of 1.200 sqm.
Suzzara Sport Parquet model SONDRIO 1
Model SONDRIO 1, Simple, robust and easy to make, very compact, ideal for large sports hall, recommended for professional basketball saw the big ball bounce of the surface, is also recommended in the presence of mobile equipment due to the high value of load resistance rotary this system.

BREGANZE (Vicenza) Public Institute Laverda Sport Gym
Installation of elastic parquet floor model Trento Solid for a total surface of 670 sqm.
VALVASONE ARZENE (Pordenone) School “Erasmo da Valvason” Sport Gym
Installation of sports parquet floor model SPLUGA for a total surface of 700 sqm.
Solid Sport-Parquet model SPLUGA 
model SPLUGA his solution’s been specifically developed for basketball and for sports activities requiring a great ball rebound, together with an excellent elasticity and deformation to impacts. All the several references both in Italy and abroad are evidence of the great reliability of this system, which remains one of the main pillars of our production, even after years.

After a year 2016 of strong growth and great satisfaction leading Seicom to install Sport  Parquet Floors in Dubai (5 projects for over 10.000 sqm), Moscow,Turkey,SaudiArabia,  SEICOM  begins 2018  with three major references in Italy.

Hevea Rubber Wood solid Sport-Parquet manufactured by Seicom is still the leading element. This wood species is a long-lasting guarantee for large sports installations: as widely documented by several laboratory testing procedures and certified by International Institutes, hevea rubber wood has a low swelling rate and a very high dimensional stability when compared to species such as beech, oak or maple.
Solid Hevea has very uniform characteristics and has average hardness similar to Oak. The resin contained in Hevea Rubber wood is actually rubber and this makes this wood very stable and suitable for big surfaces manufacture. Moreover, it’s a naturally elastic wood and therefore excellent for gyms, sports halls and fitness centres.
The main characteristics of this wood are the following:
• Hevea Rubber wood has a good hardness and has technical characteristics similar both to Oak and Beech;
• The resin contained in this wood is Rubber, which makes it extremely elastic;
• Dimensional stability, essential for big surfaces;
• Possibility of installation both with metal clips system and nailed onto the elastic under structure.

Here are some images from our installations: 

Head Office: ITALY - 23100 SONDRIO - Via Stelvio, 3 

tel.+39-0342.512573 - fax +39-0342.571875

Legal Office: 20123 Milano (Italy) - via G. Boccaccio, 29 
C.F. 00418340147 - P.iva 11901920154 - CCIAA Milano Reg. Imp. N.796358

Seicom manufactures and installs wood sports floors.
Our sports flooring are installed in major sports arenas.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Russia Moscow Portable parquet model BORMIO

Russia Moscow Sports PARQUET portable model BORMIO BC Khimki Moscow Region - Arena Mytishchi. Suitable for big multi-functional facilities, portable floor PARQUET BORMIO can be easily removed and recommended in case the surface needs to be used for trade fair, concert, events without the risk of damaging the SPORT PARQUET.

Our reference in RUSSIA :

PORTABLE FLOOR BORMIO FIBA level one certified EN 14904 certificate EN 13501fire resistance TECHNICAL DESCRIPTIONS: Structure made of iron and solid fir wood with underlying elastic support consisting of supporting jointed frames in order to secure flexibility to the whole structure. Metal bayonet connection and tongue-and-groove joint, adjustable metal hooks between the panels. This kind of PORTABLE SPORT FLOOR was supplied in occasion of OLYMPIC GAMES 2004 Athens including final games. PORTABLE FLOOR BORMIO bears severalINTERNATIONAL REFERENCES since Seicom has a thirty year experience in manufacturing sports floors. SEICOM SPORT PARQUET is FIBA PARTNER since 1997.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DUBAI new big installation with SEICOM SPORT PARQUET

4 new sports Parquet floor installations for 4 big sports clubs in Dubai - total of over 10.000 sq m.
Dubai is known as the world capital of luxury and innovation. In 2020 Dubai will be hosting Expo 2020, expected to be a worldwide resonant event. Within this atmosphere of great innovation and modernity, during July and August, Seicom made the installation of the sports parquet floor in the 4 main Dubai Sport Clubs: Al Wasl; Al Nasr; Al Shabab; Al Ahli. Al Nasr (if translated it means victory) founded in 1945 is probably the most well-known Emirates Club and also the most famous outside the Arabian Gulf.
Sport Parquet model SPLUGA

The parquet floor model Spluga - manufactured & installed by Seicom - is considered as the most resilient & performing floor by basketball experts; this system's been manufactured since the early 80's (an evergreen) and it may be the most representative product among Seicom range of sports parquet floors.

The four big sports facilities are exactly the same, the only difference consists in different colors of interior furnishings and logos: yellow for Al Wasl,  blue for Al Nasr, red for Al Alhi and green for Al Shabab. Each facility can host up to max. 8.000 people thanks to big seating systems (both permanent & telescopic); besides, every sport hall can be divided into 3 or 4 separate courts by means of a smart and innovative mobile curtain system, in order to be used for training sessions by several teams and different sports (basketball, volleyball, handball) at the same time. These facilities are multi-purposes, so You can play basketball, volleyball, handball & badminton; each sport hall has 3 central courts (the main ones) and then also the cross-wise courts, 6 more, and 2 further volleyball courts. Therefore every facility has 12 courts totally, plus some badminton courts: it's really a lot. Because of the complexity of the project, in order to avoid any problems while making the linemarking, Seicom has adopted a new laser projection technology (which guarantees high precision & speed of execution).
Each sport Club is located within residential areas of the city. AL Nasr is right in the heart of the city, close to te stadium bearing the name of the Emir Al Maktum  (Emir of Dubai). Every single sport hall is located inside a big area (compound); within these big areas we have a stadium with seating systems, more training courts, swimming pool, piscina, buildings for relax and for meetings, bars, restaurants and companies' brand shops. Al Alhi brand shop is extremely nice being a kind of museum (memorabilia) of trophies & glories of the Club. Al Nasr Club has launched a brand shop dedicated to all sponsors, with all official merchandising of the glorious Team; inside there's also a coffee bar serving Italian espresso (Nannini from Toscana), a real relaxing oasis for Seicom's Italian Technicians, even though a coffee costs 38 dirham (which is almost 4 Euro).

The realization of such big sports facilities at the same time involves a huge organization and logistic work; it's very challenging to prepare every single shipment with all elements, equipments, lacquers, colors etc. 

Seicom - thanks to the experience acquired over the years and to major references - has manufactured and completed the installation of the sports floors even in advance of the delay set by the contract.
Seicom's qualified technical team, supervised by Aldo Cammarata, has checked every single step of parquet installation and game line marking. The first steps have been the removal of the previous sports surface consisting of American maple (old and not complying with current standards anymore), followed by parquet installation. Coordination between Seicom technical team in Dubai and Seicom head office in Sondrio has been essential and crucial; some small problems have arisen - just like in any important project, but they've been promptly and effectively solved by Seicom's technicians constantly supervising all steps of the project, from 7 a.m. until midnight (sometimes at night as well).
Dubai's hot summer (up to 50° C) has obviously and heavily put our Technicians (used to cold Alps and Valtellina weather) to the test, but satisfaction to see the first handball match at the first open facility Al Wasl - with many compliments from end Users - has totally repaid us of all sacrifices we've made.

Friday, October 14, 2016

New PORTABLE PARQUET - RUSSIA Zenit Saint Petersburg

12 October 2016
New Sport Parquet for the Basketball St. Petersburg team

12 October the first official match EURO CUP 

Zenit 80 - 77 Bayern Munich

The blue-white-sky blues won the thriller in St.Petersburg in the last few seconds of the game

Video :

Main features PORTABLE FLOOR:
Suitable for big multi-functional facilities; this sports floor can be easily removed and is therefore recommended in case the surface needs to be used for trade fairs, concerts, events without the risk of damaging the parquet.
This kind of floor was supplied in occasion of Athens 2004 Olympic Games, including the Final Games, and is still used for international as well as Euro league at Athens’ Olympic Sports Center.
Model Bormio bears several international references, since Seicom has a thirty-year experience in manufacturing sports floors made of portable modules.

Brief technical description:
Panels consisting of top layer made of solid wood 22 mm thickness, nailed to a wooden double understructure; the perimetric iron joint allows a quick junction between the panels, which are then locked by the central adjustable bolt.

The SEICOM technical supervisors in site

Project, the design, the numbering of the panels

Aldo Cammarata

This is the second important reference for SEICOM after Saratov in 2014, also in Saratov was intalled a 
Saratov - Russia 2014 portable floor
Saratov - Russia 2014 portable floor
SEICOM s.r.l. Sports parquet floors
Head Office: ITALY - 23100 SONDRIO - Via Stelvio, 3
tel.+39-0342.512573 - fax +39-0342.571875

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