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Portable Floor SEICOM RUSSIA

SARATOV, November 2014 - team - Avtodor, VTB LEAGUE
Arena - ice hockey arena "kristall"

VTB United League (rus.: Единая Лига ВТБ), is an important competition for basketball Clubs.
Portable Floor SEICOM
 Thanks to this remarkable installation our Company enters the huge and important Russian market with a leading role. Other smaller projects had been accomplished in the past, but this is definitely the most important reference.
This Portable Floor is our model BORMIO, a floor that's been used for over twenty years so far for big multi functional sport halls.

In 2004 the Portable Floor Parquet model BORMIO starred at the final Olympic game in Greece; in 2007 won first division volley with Yamamay in Italy; in 2008 it was installed in Cantù at Palapianella for the Italian first division; in 2009 starred in Nigeria for the main arena of Benua State, in 2010 in Zambia for the Afrian Cup and in 2013 in Hungary with 1.800 sq m we supplied in Nyíregyháza for Hungarian First Division.
Two more portable floors made by Seicom are currently in progress and will be used in ZIMBABWE for the African Union Sports Council Region V Under 20 Youth Games.
The portable parquet floor model BORMIO is completely manufactured by our company, in every single element, it's a very robust floor, suitable in case of frequent removal and re-installation; this system comes from many years of research and constant technical improvement. Sports parquet floor model BORMIO is certifried according to EN 14904, FIBA, CE MARK.
Thanks to its flexibility and strength properties it's classified by as Level 1 (Official Basketball Rules 2014) portable floor

"Russia is a big country, with a great sport culture coming from the past. Basketball is very popular, we're glad that the sports parquet floors made in Italy, indeed made by Seicom, are used for a competition level."
Aldo Cammarata

"Suitable for big multi-functional facilities; this sports floor can be easily removed and is therefore recommended in case the surface needs to be used for trade fairs, concerts, events without the risk of damaging the parquet.
This kind of floor was supplied in occasion of Athens 2004 Olympic Games, including the Final Games, and is still used for international as well as Euro league at Athens’ Olympic Sports Center.

Model Bormio bears several international references, since Seicom has a thirty-year experience in manufacturing sports floors made of portable modules."

Munich Germany FIBA 1999 Final Four
POLAND 1999 – Wroclaw - Hala Ludowa portable floor model BORMIO 1000 sqm 
BELGIUM Sport hall Antwerpen
BELGIUM Palaexpo Gand
BELGIUM Sarttilman Leigi
BELGIUM Forum Aalst
SWISS Palabasket Bellinzona (Canton Ticino)
HOLLAND Sport hall Zoetermeer
URUGUAY Sport hall Slinger Park Montevideo
SERBIA Beograd Palasport Kovilovo sports center
MONTENEGRO Sport hall basketball Podgorica  
ROMANIA Arad - sports parquet floor
ROMANIA Oradea -  Arena Antonio Alexe – portable floor 2.000 sqm
ROMANIA Târgu Mureş - Marosvásárhely
HUNGARY Siófok - sport parquet for handball - NEW MODEL TRENTO SOLID
HUNGARY BUDAPEST Újpest sport hall
HUNGARY Nyíregyháza manufacture and installation of portable floor 1800 sqm
MALTA - new parquet Ta' Qali sport hall
CYPRUS Paphos – Sport parquet Aphrodite Sport hall
BULGARIA  Varna - new sport floor Varna University
IRAQ Duhok City 2011- New Sport parquet model Sondrio
JORDAN Amman - ASU Applied Science University
SAUDI ARABIA Sport hall King Saud University
NIGERIA Sport Hall Benua State
TURKEY Izmir – 2011 Aliaga Arena - new sports parquet floor
TURKEY Gaziantep - 2012 sport hall
SLOVENIJA Semedela / Koper - Primary school "Dušan Bordon"
SLOVENIJA Maribor - August 2012 New sport parquet multi-sport hall
SOUTH AFRICA 2014 American International School of Johannesburg
BELARUS 2014 Minsk new sport gym with model Sondrio 2
RUSSIA 2014 Saratov VTB LEAGUE Arena ice hockey (arena Kristall) Team Avtodor
ZIMBABWE 2014 African Union Sports Council Region V Under 20 Youth Games (official supplier 2 portable BORMIO)

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Friday, November 14, 2014

New Sport Parquet Senigallia (Italy)

New Sport Parquet Floor
The flood dated 3rd May 2014 severely hit the region Marche and especially the Muni of Senigallia: three casualties, major damages to buildings, many activities were destroyed, the Sport Hall Pala Panzini severely damaged; not only the playing area, but also the corridor nearby the seating system surrounding the court. Pala Panzini, located in Via Capanna – opened in 1980, 1.000 spectators seats – hosts hundreds of players from basketball teams PALLACANESTRO GOLDENGAS B series weekly, including youth team. The sports parquet floor, renewed in 2010, inevitably needed do be replaced again, being damaged beyond repair.

It's been six months since the terrible flood that devastated a big part of the territory and caused serious damages - estimated at 191 millions Euros. Residents affected by the flood were almost eight thousand, which means over 3500 families. Among the severely damaged structures also the Sport Hall located in Via Capanna, now back to normal with the economic and organizational help by EBAM association.
EBAM is a Body created by the inter-federation agreements between employers' association, Confartigianato, CNA, CASA and CLAAI and trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL, Region Marche and is part of a National system serving as a tool for integration of the subsidiary social status and to promote the development  of the sector.
Ebam decided to intervene with a public project for the city of Senigallia, identifying the Public Administration, in the Sport Hall, with the structure that represents the sense of social gathering.
The main repair was the replacement of the sports parquet floor. After a market survey involving the main national companies, EBAM decided to entrust the project to our company as they have appreciated the willingness of a quick intervention also with the support from the local company Edilplast from Ancona - official Seicom partner since many years.
The restore operation (cost 145 thousand Euro) consisted in the replacement of the sports parquet floor, the restart of changing rooms and lounge areas. Also placement of a new electronic scoreboard and installation of the sound amplifying system. Several companies involved in the operation: Belfor Italia, world leader in post recovery, dehumidification, Seicom Sports Parquet Floors from Sondrio – in cooperation with Edil Plast Srl from Ancona – for the installation of the SPORTS FLOOR FOR GYM, Curzi Dimero from Senigallia for the remodeling of changing rooms and showers, H20 from plumbing.
The beech parquet floor - solid wood 22 mm thickness - was severely damaged and lifted in many points and deemed as not recoverable by all experts; mud had also penetrated under the parquet floor and therefore needed to be removed, Concrete was completely covered in mud and had a very high humidity rate. After the removal of the parquet it was necessary to remove the mud, that was present in huge quantity. Concrete was extremely damp, with values between 10% and even 15%, so it was necessary to intervene with special equipment to speed up the drying process; BELFOR, in cooperation with SEICOM, intervened free of charge with special drying systems allowing a quick drying of the concrete in only 15 days, bringing it back to excellent values such as 2%,. It was then possible to go ahead quickly with the installation of the new SPORTS PARQUET FLOOR made of HEVEA RUBBER WOOD that, thanks to much better moisture-resistant properties, can grant a better reliability in case of excessive humidity.
Special drying systems
HEVEA RUBBER WOOD species, solid wood 22 mm thickness, currently installed in the Sport Hall has actually a dimensional stability (EN 1910/00) and a radial and tangential shrinkage (UNI ISO 4469:1985) less thank beech, oak or maple species and for such reasons it's highly recommended in case of humidity or expected moisture.
The previous flooring, supplied in 2010, was made of beech with clips system, but users complained about an excessive deformation of the floor in the backstop units area (rolling load EN1569) and there were also points where ball rebound wasn't constant; while noticing these problems, SEICOM recommended the Customer to install a new GYM FLOOR made of HEVEA RUBBER WOOD, nailed with T-shaped nails to a plywood support: our model SONDRIO 1, which better fits their requirements and needing. The continuous plywood actually helps a better rolling load distribution and grants a constant ball rebound on all points; the sports parquet floor model SONDRIO 1 made of HEVEA RUBBER WOOD is certified to resist to a rolling load of 3.000 N and the junction resists without damages even up to a load of 5.000 N. The certification was carried out by Otto-Graf Instititut in Stuttgart - Germany) and shows the excellent strength and resistance of this Sports Parquet Floor, even when stressed by extreme use.
The first step of the repair focused on demolition and disposal of the damaged material; it was necessary to provide for several containers, separate different material, classify and bring them to an authorized waste dump. Edilplast performed this first intervention in cooperation with SEICOM.

Seicom installed the parquet floor thanks to a cooperation with specialized workers from Edilpast, supplied perimeter aluminum thresholds, new skirting board and the whole PVC for the perimeter walkaway. All steps were supervised by SEICOM Technicians, who coordinated the project also with BELFOR intervention.
SEICOM and BELFOR have already cooperated in similar occasions and situations, namely in Meda (close to Milan), where the two companies cooperated after a burning: even then the close cooperation between the two companies allowed a quick repair of the Sport Hall.
SEICOM is really satisfied with the repair carried out in Senigallia; all the several compliments and our Customers and End Users' satisfaction totally reward the serious commitment of our Company.

Aldo Cammarata. Sales & Technical Manager
"We can say that it's been an extraordinary intervention, that really put a strain on the workers involved; experience and goodwill have really helped us. When I first went on site for the inspection I was shocked, it seemed an impossible task, then talking to our local operators and thanks to support by our skilled workers - highly qualified - I realized it could be done"
Aldo Cammarata
Sales & Technical Manager

Olimpio Muffatti. General Manager"SEICOM is really satisfied with the repair carried out in Senigallia; all the several compliments and our Customers and End Users' satisfaction, all interviews with press by users and Administration totally reward the serious commitment of our Company."
Olimpio Muffatti
General Manager

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