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Hevea Rubber wood : Solid wood for sport hall

 Hevea Rubber wood : Solid wood for sport hall 

Directly from the plantation farm, SEICOM Hevea Rubberwood, Timber have been processed as Finger Joint Flooring without any wastage.
Hevea Rubberwood is one of the suitable specie for Sport Wooden Flooring With the light pale colour, stability, and moderate density,this wood is the best substitute to Maple, Beech or Oak.
The popular utilizations are in Sport Hall, Dance Room, Yoga Room, Fitness Centre, Gymnasium etc.
Why Rubberwood?
A Sustainability-Managed Timber Resources
Environmentally Friendly ● Globally Available
Excellent By Nature
Colour Creamy White
Structure Uniform. With excellent ‘timber’ feel
Texture Moderately coarse but even
Grain Pattern Very little (mostly straight to shallowly interlocked)
Sapwood Not distinct
Physical & Chemical Properties
Scientific name Hevea Brasiliensis
Hardness 933 (Janka rating)
Average Air Dry Density 560-640 Kg/m3 at 16% m.c.
Density at 12% m.c. 600-620 Kg/m3 (light)
Relativ Density 0.63-0.66 (Moderately heavy timber)
Modulus of Elasticity 9.700 N/mm2 at 12% m.c.
Static Bending 66 N/mm2 at 12% m.c.
Sheer Parallel to Grain 11 N/mm2
Volume Shrinkage Negligible (Comparable to Dark Red Meranti)
Tangential Shrinkage Coefficient 1.2%
Radial Shrinkage Coffiencient 0.8%
Weight Comparable to Oak and Teak with a density of
0.55 to 0.65 gm/cm3
Strength Fairly good. Binding strength at 65 N/mm2
Compression Strength Parallel to Grain: 32 N/mm2
Perpendicular to Grain 4.69 N/mm2
Effective substitute for Asian ramin, Meranti, Seraya, Agathis, Merbau,
Kapur, Teak, African sapelli, Iroko, Kosipo &
Obeche, Latin (South) American Imbula & Virola,
Lauan, Nyatoh

Hevea Rubber wood is a very common wood in Southeast Asia and natural rubber comes from these plantations. This kind of tree is cut every 20/25 years and it’s therefore easily renewable; this is an essential feature from the environmental point of view.
Solid Hevea has very uniform characteristics and has average hardness similar to Oak. The resin contained in Hevea Rubber wood is actually rubber and this makes this wood very stable and suitable for big surfaces manufacture. Moreover, it’s a naturally elastic wood and therefore excellent for gyms, sports halls and fitness centres.
The main characteristics of this wood are the following:

• Hevea Rubber wood has a good hardness and has technical characteristics similar both to Oak and Beech;
• The resin contained in this wood is Rubber, which makes it extremely elastic;
• Dimensional stability, essential for big surfaces;
• Possibility of installation both with metal clips system and nailed onto the elastic under structure.

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