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sports parquet floor rolling load

Very strong SPORTS PARQUET FLOORS - tested & certified to last. 
SEICOM Sports Floors are tested with double load than standard provisions. 
The load should be 1.500 N. But SEICOM demands the highest performance.
SEICOM Floors for gyms are certified to withstand a load of 3.000 N.
A further certification proves that there are no joint damages even up to 5.000 N load.
Sports-Parquet-Floors EN 1569 
EN 1569 Standard is extremely important: it certifies and guarantees that the surface is not damaged by movable equipment or seating systems.

HEVEA RUBBER WOOD SPORTS PARQUET resists remarkable rolling load, as the test shows: parquet elements, connection between elements, lacquer and sub structure have withstood the load and have been therefore certified by Otto-Graf Institut - Stuttgart University. 

PLEASE NOTE: The steel wheel used in the video focuses the rolling load on a single point, just like for movable seating systems or backstop units, even though we have to consider that wheels are usually coated in plastic material (polyethylene) - soft or rigid; wheels also have larger surface to better distribute the load. The steel wheel used for the test is definitely the worst situation that can occur: normally nobody comes with steel wheels on a parquet floor. The test recreates a very stressful situation, in fact we use different wheels and the load is never so concentrated.
It's however good that Seicom's parquet floors are tested for the worst situations though: this is a real quality proof.  
In the User's manual about sports parquet floor SEICOM supplies to all Customers, we recommend plastic coated wheels (not rigid) and always a proper rolling load distribution through panels. 

SEICOM Sports Parquet Floors 

The floor for gym made of Hevea Rubber Wood resists a significant rotating load - as shown by the test result. The test puts a significant stress on parquet elements: connection between elements, lacquer and sub-structure withstood this load and therefore have been approved and certified by Otto-Graf Institut - Stuttgart University.


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