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Sports Parquet Floors EN 14904
Today our blog deals with a very delicate subject: Shock absorption and Vertical Deformation of SPORTS FLOORINGS.
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Our description is based on our experience, requirements set by the International Standards and technical documents issued by authorized Institutes who perform testing procedures.  

The GYM PARQUET FLOOR goes through a complex reaction when stressed by a dynamic load.

The interaction components evaluated with tests are the deformation under a load, the shock absorption property and the return of impact energy, for example the amount of energy returned to the player by the parquet floor on which he’s playing.
The shock absorption power of a sports surface is an important safety element.
The reported values are therefore an inevitable compromise between these essential features. The sports floors react differently to different temperature and deformation rates; they become harder at low temperature and softer at higher temperature.
An important element for safety and sport performance is a proper grip between the player’s shoes and the sports floor. An insufficient grip might cause slipperiness on the surface; an excessive grip puts unacceptable stress on joints, ligaments and muscles.

Shock absorption
When tested according the method described by EN 14808, performing at least 4 tests plus a further test every 500 m2 of the area, the average force reduction must be between 25% and 75% and no single test result must differ from the average by more than  ±5 units.

Vertical deformation
When tested according the method described by EN 14809, vertical deformation must not be more than 5,0 mm.

All tests must be performed by authorized labs – notified for the execution of EN 14904 tests; values are always listed within test reports, and every company will put the reported values  within their own DOP – Declaration of Performance.
Example: Seicom’s TRENTO SOLID comes with DOP, mentioning test report values

EN 14904 CE – FIBA Certificate
Dichiarazione di prestazione 
(Regolamento Europeo N. 305/2011 CPR-Construction Product Regulation)

Assorbimento degli urti
Force Reduction                          FR55
EN 14808
25 – 75 %
48 %
Deformazione verticale
Vertical Deformation                   VD
EN 14809
5 mm
2,4 mm

  • Testing procedures on Seicom’s parquet floors have been carried out by University of Stuttgart  MPA Stuttgart (Germany) Otto-Graf Institut Accreditation valid  (reg.No. D-PL-11016-00)

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