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ASD Milano3 Basket was born in the city of Basiglio in 1986 thanks to a small group of parents who - with the birth and expansion of Milano 3 district - were looking for a sport that could accompany their kids in the process of growth .
This remains throughout its history one of the peculiarities of Milano 3 Basketball, who aims to be an association combining technical excellence with its being expression of a small town where sport first and foremost aggregation.
In a professional way, but avoiding hysteria of professionalism, with an eye also on the educational function of sport.
The history of ASD Milano 3 basketball  clearly shows how to apply both principles and at the same time to earn great sport results.

There have been important results over the years. The groups of 1979/80 and 1983 start collecting success in Lombardy at the highest levels, while the first team settles in areas of high ranking in Division C2. The first national goal comes in 1998 with the Students Team, who gets the second place at the Final National Games, while the following year the Juniors get the 6th place nationally and the title of Lombardy beating all the teams of Division A.
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Another National title in 2006: UISP Under16 with the group 1989/90, but that's the beginning of a great success with the regional title Under 18 in 2007, at the same time victory in provincial Under14, while the possible promotion to C1 unfortunately fades. In 2008 the provincial title Debutantes: Milano 3 Basketball is ready to go…In 2009 the great return to the Final National Games with the team 1989-90, who gets access to Under 21, bringing Milano 3 back on the national stage.
2011: 25th anniversary. A remarkable year for Milano 3 Basketball since all teams qualify for the final of their category. Group 99 plays Provincial Final Debutantes, 1998/99 gets third regional place Under13 as well as Under 15 of 1996, while Under19 of 1993-94 get third place in province. The first team, however, goes back to playoff after 4 years, while Under 15 VisMi3 gets access to the Final National Games, which sound like a pleasant habit.
Season 2011-2012 is the consecration as first team with the White-and-Red winning the championship of Regional C Division with a team almost entirely made up of guys who have grown up in the company and getting access - again after 10 years - to National C Division.
In 2012-2013 big results come both with the Youth and with the First Team. The Senior, as neo-promoted even get access to playoffs, while with teenagers bring several rewards: Under 17 confirms the highest level and reaches national stage; Under 21 gets second place in Lombardy, Under 19 gets third place at the Provincial Final Four, Under 17 wins regional champion title, while Under 15 wins provincial title just like the Debutantes.
In March 2014 they decided to renew the playing rubber surface, now worn out and no longer performing.
The supply agreement with Seicom turned out to be really positive; the parquet was supplied and installed quickly in a few days. We provided game line marking and red coloration on areas. The choice was model TRENTO SOLID, that combines low cost to high performance.
The new sports-parquet-floor model Trento Solid is the ideal solution for both school and multi-sport gyms; quality and durability are granted by a great solid wood marked Seicom.

Model TRENTO Solid comes from a constant research to find new practical and functional solutions.
The new sports-parquet model Trento Solid is a perfect solution for school gyms and multi-sport facilities; both quality and durability are guaranteed by  a great solid wood marked Seicom.
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