Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sport Parquet Vintage

Cremona, a Seicom "Vintage" Sport-Parquet-Floors manufactured in 1968 is today still used by teams to play basketball.
This Sport Parquet Floor has been sanded several times. The sport facility has been renovated in 2009, roof re-built, but the Parquet is still the original one dated 1968, manufactured and installed by our Company.

Model BORMIO, pre-fabricated portable system consisting of fir wood from Valtellina has been manufactured by Seicom between 1968 and 1980, and it's still present today in many sports facilities in Italy.  Nowadays fir wood is no longer used for parquet floors, since it's considered as a soft species, subject to movements, resins, a poor wood of low commercial value, but in the 60s/70s - when gyms were mainly supplied with rubber or PVC - the solution offered by Seicom consisting of Portable Panels FIBA approved made of fir wood was a real vanguard. Then portable floors have become a more and more popular choice and they began to use more noble wood species such as maple, oak, beech and then to approach high value tropical species such as hevea rubber wood. 

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