Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sports Floors for gym Catas certificate

As from Seicom is associated with CATAS Laboratory - learning more all parquet elements, understanding their chemical and physical characteristics will definitely give an added value to the tested and certified Sports Parquet Floor our Company will supply to project managers and end users.

 CATAS is the Italian Institute for certification, research and testing within wood-furniture field and center of excellence for research in agro-food, industrial and environmental sector as well.
Seicom always believed in certifications and laboratory testing in order to market valid and guaranteed products for SPORTS PARQUET FLOOR end users.

Sports Parquet Floors elements made of Hevea Rubber Wood are showing excellent results while tested; Seicom, since ever supporting the great flexibility and stability features of this fantastic tree, is collecting exciting results. As per the latest testing procedures performed in laboratory, Hevea Rubber Wood parquet proved to have great static hardness (Janka) and excellent resistance to indentation (Brinell) when strictly tested. Now all values can be compared with other wood species such as beech, oak, maple, etc.

As per recent testing, it shows that Hevea Rubber Wood parquet obviously has a very low radial & tangential shrinkage if compared to beech or oak; the radial and tangential swelling is very low too. These values officially certify that Hevea species can be used also on large surfaces without fear of humidity or abnormal swelling typical of other wood species. Given the results of these tests, we can certainly say that HEVEA parquet can be suggested or even better recommended in places with Radiant Floor Heating, more and more used even in sports facilities and combined with Sports Parquet Floors.

 We are currently subjecting SPORTS FLOORS FOR GYMS to very strict and invasive tests in order to set their use even in extreme situations, when subjected to considerable loads of bending and twisting. 
SEICOM PARQUET FLOORS have been also submitted to chemicals such as ammonia, oil, grease and ink to assess the strength and possible damages; tests have been performed as per regulation: "Determination of chemical resistance EN 13442:2013". 

Understanding the damage caused by chemicals will help us create valid cleaners to fix any damage caused by adhesive, glue or acid elements such as ammonia. The ordinary upkeep and cleaning data sheet by Seicom will remarkably improve and will report only certified data in order to provide valid and detailed information to all end users.

"We have started a long and demanding certification process, but we are sure this will soon give excellent results in terms of security to guarantee quality and an added value to Seicom parquet floors".
Aldo Cammarata
Sales & Technical Manager 
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Seicom manufactures and installs wood sports floors.
Our sports flooring are installed in major sports arenas.

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