Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sports parquet floors cleaning products

It’s now possible to buy the cleaning and ordinary upkeep products for sports parquet floors directly from our web site.

sport-parquet cleaning product 
The products marked Seicom are:
-      GRIP & CLEAN
-      CLEAN GYM

GRIP & CLEAN is a very important product, anti-slipperiness, developed for all sports purposes.

Seicom’s Grip & Clean is an agent with cleaning and anti-slip properties, specific for sports wooden floors. It can be used before the game to prepare the surface and during the game, to improve shoes’ grip.
sports-parquet-floors GRIP & CLEAN 
CLEAN GYM is a detergent specific for the cleaning of wooden sports floors. Highly concentrate, it can be used for a normal maintenance but also to remove residues of grease and shoes black marks.
Sport-parquet-floor CLEAN GYM
MUELLER B Sharp™ - Traction Action
Specific product for basketball use, used in the professional field; needs to be diluted and passed on the floor. It’s also usual to leave some damp clothes (with water and diluted B Sharp™) at the players’ entrance in order to keep a better grip on shoes.
Mueller B Sharp 

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